Hi Andreas! First of all, I would like to say that you are the inspiration for me to study harp and I am your huge fan (especially the song "Stella" in Cosmopoly)I've been study harp for 3 month. Actually, the harp school in Thailand just establish which has about 10 students. On December, they organize harpist virtuoso Catrin Finch concert which she played classical harp repotoire. For me, I would like Thai people to explore more in the world of Harp beside classical music. Therefore, I think of you as a priority. You will be the one to inspire many Thai people to think of Harp which can be played in difference music genre. Please consider Thailand as your tour definition. Furthermore, our country has unique culture which appropriate with your musical style. If AVAF decide to have a concert in Thailand don't hesitate to contact me. We have strong organization to organize your concert. You went to Bali! Why don't Thailand? Please... Please... Please... email me back soon.
P.S. Exellence music & Exellence site.
- Your Friend and Your Fan
Boyd, Bangkok, Thailand