Bill Slater
Dear Andreas, Thank you again for coming to Chicago. Seeing your concert at the Apple Store in Downtown Chicago, you made my 50th birthday the best of my entire life. I will be writing you more soon, but I wanted to share the VOX review I wrote for you out on Your friend, Bill

VOX is the next step in Andreas Vollenweider's amazing set of "stories" represented by this mystical magical music. I love it!!! "What if it wasn't a Dream?" is my favorite selection. People should realize what a bold step this CD was for Andreas: His native language is Swiss-German, so to write and sing these excellent tunes in English, was in my opinion, a real feat. But aside from that, the CD is bold and magical, like the rest of his collection. I should also add that I have been a devoted fan since July 1985, and a friend since October 1989. His music truly changed my life and helped enhance my own ability to think deeply and to create. Andreas is a wonderful man, husband, devoted father, a world-class musician, and a man who is attempting to bring peace and sanity to a troubled world. His magnificent Spirit, and Talent are incredible gifts to the world, and I urge everyone to give his music and his message a chance. You will not be sorry! Visit these URLs for more information: and and (Thank you, Andreas, for your courage and creativity that you used to create VOX.)
United States of America