After many distractions, I am finally able to sit down and share some thoughts about the recent tour and my favorite of the three concerts I was able to attend, which was in beautiful Carmel, California where I had been quick enough to reserve a front row seat at the Sunset Center. I haven't lived in California for nine years so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the person sitting next to me actually knows someone who was a teacher to me there. This happy coincidence was the prelude to an absolutely wonderful evening. Sitting in the front row, with nothing to distract me from the magic in the music was the perfect place to be and made this the most amazing concert I've ever attended. I've always found that Andreas' music taps into a higher plane, and some of my most lucid moments of at least beginning to make some sense of this world have taken place while listening to his harp. But I also love the grounding influence of Walter's drumming, Andi's percussion, and Daniel's sax. The four of them create a perfect balance between them and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to hear them LIVE in such a fantastic setting. Andreas very kindly shared some personal thoughts with the audience during the performance and also made the statement that the process of creating this particular music is very fragile. It struck me that it could also be said that the unique effect of this music on the listener is also extremely fragile and very rare. There are so many wonderful musicians on this planet at this time and many amazing sound technologies to explore but no other music opens up the universe for me the way this music always does. If I'm down, it lifts me up; if I feel ill, it helps heal me; if I have a problem, it clears my mind so solutions can be found; and if I'm angry, it helps me see the bigger picture. Maybe there's something about the innovation of this instrument that allows it to break new ground and access higher energies, or maybe it's this coupled with the gentle and generous spirit of the musician. Whatever it is, it's a gift and a blessing to find something that lifts me up in spite of all the stresses in the world that seem to conspire to pull me down. Andreas says he is "afflicted" with a desire to change the world. I feel that he has discovered a wonderful way to help change people for the better from the inside out. So thank you, all of you, for this wonderful gift. Please come back to America soon.
United States of America