Ahmad Behbehani

Dear Mr. Vollenweider
My name is Ahmad Behbehani,a big fan of your music.I fell in love with your music since I first heard ( Behind the Gardens)which my elder brother had come across while shopping for music in Europe.The first concert I attended for you was in 1984 in Boulder,Coloroda where I was doing my Master's in linguistics.In 1987,I followed you from city to city in California and Colorado attneding the same concert but with a different experience everytime.

I am writing to you for two reasons:
1- I would like to sponser a solo concert for you in Dubai in March 2015.Therefore,I would like some feedback on the financial cost and other pertinent information if possible.

2- I have created a new approach to activating the sub-conscious mind using music.My sub-conscious is working at 95% of its capacity,as opposed to 15% for everybody else.I have seen wonderful results in every aspect of life.I am in the process of selling this approach as a trainging course over the internet to the general public worldwide.Because I will be using your in this training course,I am writing to ask for your permission.As the income generated from the course will be substantial,I would like to discuss with you the terms of your share from sales of the training course.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

Ahmad Behbehani
965 9974 2814